Bespoke Garden Rooms in Essex

As one of the best garden room companies in the UK, we at Sanctuary Found have the experience and commitment to deliver bespoke garden rooms in Essex. Whether you want a garden room as a home office, are interested in fully insulated garden rooms in Essex or are simply looking for an innovative company to deliver bespoke garden rooms in the UK, you’ve found the answer with us. We are dedicated to delivering the garden room that you’ve been visualising, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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    What is a garden room?

    Garden rooms are made of high-quality wood and come with all the mod-cons that you may find in a house including insulation, double-glazing, electricals, and plumbing, they can also feature other amenities such as air-conditioning and phone lines if required. Unlike conservatories and other home extensions, our bespoke garden rooms in Essex stand separate from your property and can be transformed into many unique and versatile spaces. Garden rooms are incredibly popular for those who desire more space in and around their property, without having to go through the stress and hassle that come with undertaking a home extension project or relocating completed.

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    What are the benefits of garden rooms?

    Our bespoke garden rooms in Essex are designed and constructed to your precise specifications by the experts at Sanctuary Found and come with a huge range of benefits including…

    Dedicated workspace

    Having a garden office in Essex means that you will have a dedicated workspace to be productive as well as benefitting from fewer distractions and less noise.

    Supports work-life balance

    Being able to close the door on your garden office in Essex at the end of the day will go a long way in boosting your well-being and supporting an improved work-life balance.

    Professional setting

    Whether you work for a company or are self-employed, a garden office can be instrumental in establishing a professional setting to meet clients or hold meetings.

    Improved wellbeing

    As well as improving your work-life balance, being surrounded by greenery in your garden goes a long way to enhancing your well-being.

    No commuting

    A garden office in Essex means that you won’t have the hassle or expenditure of commuting to work every day.

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    More time

    A garden office can provide you with more time to indulge in the things you love doing or spend time with your family instead of spending time commuting to and from the office.

    Long-lasting and structurally sound

    Our garden offices are high-quality and not only look incredible from the outside but are as structurally sound as a house to guarantee that they last for years to come.

    Saves money

    Without the need to pay for travel costs, lunch, coffee and any other expenditure throughout the work day, your garden office in Essex will save you a huge amount of money.


    There is a huge range of customisation options available for your garden office in Essex, meaning that you can work within a space that is tailored to your style.


    Working in a garden office in Essex will significantly reduce your carbon footprint as you are travelling less. An insulated garden office will also use less electricity heating the space.

    Increases property value

    A garden office adds value to your property for many reasons. So, whether you’re selling up soon or are investing in your future, garden offices are highly attractive to potential buyers.

    Do I need planning permission for a garden room?

    As garden rooms are classed as outbuildings, you don’t need planning permission for construction, however, if the build takes up more than 50% of the land around your property, you will need planning permission. Furthermore, if you’ve been asking ‘can I sleep in a garden room?’ then the answer is yes you can, however, if anyone is planning to live in your garden room, you will require further planning permission.

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    How much do garden rooms in Essex cost?

    Due to the many factors that may influence the price such as the size of the structure, the materials used and any extras you opt for such as tiling and flooring, there is no average cost for garden rooms in Brentwood. That said, garden rooms are generally a much cheaper option than adding a conservatory or functional loft space and if you get in touch with us at Sanctuary Found, we can provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote.

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    Why choose us for your garden rooms in Essex?

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    Years of Experience

    Our many years of experience make us the top choice for your bespoke garden office in Essex.

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    Bespoke Garden Offices

    We offer beautiful, bespoke and practical garden offices for year-round use to suit a wide range of uses.

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    Wide Area Coverage

    We offer bespoke garden offices in London, bespoke offices in Essex and more locations!

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    Wide Selection

    Our garden offices come in a wide range of choices and finishes to meet each of your requirements.

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    FREE Quotes

    Book your free on-site survey today and we will be able to provide you with an accurate, no-obligation quotation.

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    Great Customer Service

    We strongly believe in professionalism and effective communication to exceed your expectations.

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